I am a freelance photographer and videomaker who, after completing training at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, IED Milan, and DAMS in Bologna, decided to establish my business in Udine, near the Slovenian and Austrian borders. The culture of Friuli Venezia Giulia alone was not enough for me: I felt the need to expand into the Slavic and Germanic world. Furthermore, the vast and diverse nature that surrounds us nourishes the creative process with its subtle energies.
I opened my first photography studio in '87, and since then, I have mainly worked on commission, especially in the fields of publishing, reportage, portrait, design, and industrial photography, also with professional drones. My apprenticeship in Milan allowed me to be close to photographers like Giovanni Gastel, Fabrizio Ferri, and many others. I fondly remember the workshops with renowned figures in international photography such as Gabriele Basilico, Francesco Jodice, and Luigi Ghirri. Travel has been a constant in my life since childhood because "the world is like a book, and those who stay at home are like those who always read the same page". My personal photography projects cover themes ranging from the environment to metropolises; these works have been published and exhibited abroad as well. For many years,                   I collaborate with educational institutions, particularly in the field of photography education.

2023 - The Tagliamento River, IGB Berlin.
2022 - Tiliment, the River tells itself, Palace of the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste, Italy.
2021 - Fotografario FVG – 2021, Photography Center for Research and Archiving, Tadea Palace, Spilimbergo, Italy.
2020/2021 - Tiliment, the River tells itself, Savorgnan Museum, Castle of Artegna; Silvia Zenari Civic Museum of Natural History, Pordenone, Italy.
2019 - Fotografario FVG – 2020, Photography Center for Research and Archiving,Tadea Palace, Spilimbergo, Italy.
 2019 - The Infinite Wall, Berlin 1989-2109, edited by Eraldo Affinati, Civic Library, Pordenone; Trentino Historical Museum Foundation, Trento; Municipal Art Gallery "Ciro di Pers" Art Space, Majano, Italy.
 2019 - Views and visons of Old Port , Photo Library of Civic Museums of History and Art, Gopcevich Palace, Trieste, Italy.
2019 - Trieste Photo Days, international group show, Al G Meeting Point, Venice Square,Trieste, Italy.
2019 - Immigrantopolis, international group show, Main Hall of the Pedagogical University,  Krakow, Poland.
2018 - FVG Photography Prize, Photography Center for Research and University, Tadea Palace, Spilimbergo, Italy.
2018 - Berlin Elsewhere, photography personal exhibition, CRAF, Tadea Palace, Spilimbergo, Italy.
2017 - Urban 2017, group show, Alchemia Gallery, Krakow, Poland. 

2017 - Spirit of Myanmar, photography show, exhibition area "Furio Lauri", Triest Airport; Odos Publisher and Bookstore, Udine, Italy.
2016 - Installation Girilmez, Giudecca Sacca Fisola Art Festival, Venice, Italy.
2016 - Digressions, group show, Senato Palace, Milan, Italy.
2015 - Glimmers, group show, La Loggia Gallery, Udine, Italy.
2015 - The_Tempelhof_Project, multimedia exhibition, Ri_Frazioni Festival, Basiliano, Udine; "Furio Lauri" art space, Triest Airport; INTERazioni Gallery, Guarnerio Co-operative,Udine, Italy.
2014 - Tondingiro/Girotondi, group show, La Loggia Gallery, Udine, Italy.

2014 - The Tempelhof Project, multimedia exhibition, Giudecca Sacca Fisola Art Festival, Venice, Italy; Aroma Photogalerie, Berlin.

2014 - Saigon City Telling, photography exhibition, Einaudi bookshop and gallery, Udine; exhibit area "Furio Lauri", Triest Airport, Italy.

2013 - The Berlin Project, documentary video, Vicino/lontano Festival, Visionario Visual Arts Center, Udine, Italy.

2013 - Art Collective Kilometro Zero, Palamostre Theater, Udine, Italy.

2010 - Woodo Blues, multimedia show, Feltrinelli Space, Udine, Italy.
2010 - Salutame lu jentu, documentary video, Man's Lands Festival, Casarsa della Delizia, Udine, Italy.
2010 - Les Arts Turcs, group show, Tav Gallery, Ataturk airport, Istanbul, Turkey.
2009 - Merhaba Hasankeyf, photography exhibition, Province Palace, Gorizia; Workers Theater, Frisanco, Pordenone; Visionario Visual Arts Center, Udine, Italy.
2009 - IstenPolis, multimedia show, FuoriRotta Festival, Udine; Workers Theater, Frisanco, Pordenone; Mittelfest, Cividale, Italy.

2009 - One day trip, multimedia show, FuoriRotta Festival, Messaggerie FS, Udine.
2008 - Beijing/Visions, multimedia show, FuoriRotta Festival, Tina Modotti Gallery, Udine, Italy.
1996 - Equador Pais Amazonico, photography exhibition, Latrin American Film Festival, Trieste, Italy.

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